Bonjour bon zanmi!  I am so glad to be home and with my church members as we face needs from around the world.

Our church is very much in need to assist our friends and fellow Californians, Texans, Floridians and Puerto Ricans.

I also know that we will respond from where we are, with what we have, and do it when we can.  Our church has always been there to help others. I appreciate the many prayers and good thoughts while in Haiti for 30 days. Our church has responded to the needs in Haiti with incredible gifts of donations and time. Thank you once again for your love and support of the Thomas Food Project.

The 30 days began with the Hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico.

The 1st team arrived from Virginia but only stayed for 3 days. They accomplished as much as they could with what they had. Repairing Bio-Sand Filters and installing new ones.  The team decided not to ride out the Hurricane and left after 3 days. We were very fortunate that the Hurricane went north and did not hit Haiti. However it did rain a lot.

The 2nd team consisted of Doctor Sue Doty from Texas. She provided check-ups of the school kids and faculty. She also gave checkups to our staff and many community members.   HollyAnn Melton joined her and is the mentor for our cook Staff Manager Ginette Ocean.  Ginette will be the Bakery Staff manager.  They worked on product ideas and recipes. She and I visited the main Restaurant Supply Company in Port Au Prince.   











The 3rd team was an Engineer, Zachary Harris, from Richmond California. He worked on a portable design to pump water to a school on a hill 2400 feet away using a small pump connected to a car battery.









Hurricane and all it was a good productive 30 days. We began discussions on Haitian investment in to the Bakery, as well as, partnering with another business.  We attended meetings with BNC, a Haitian bank.  The bakery is slated to be operational in 2019.

One final note:

The bakery is coming along and I visiting churches in our conference.  We have an engaged a Haitian Architect for preliminary design and cost estimates for the buildings. We also have been consulted on equipment and production.

During this trip we visited a restaurant supply company in Port Au Prince (PaP). We also met with Messr. Roosevelt, the IMEC school owner and the bakery site.  Ginette will continue with English classes at a Language Institute in PaP. The school runs from Nov-June and costs $500.  Sponsorships for her education are very welcome. She will begin Bakery Management and Operations classes in the summer.  We met with several potential Haitian partners. One is a food distribution company. The bakery is slated for operation in 2019.

Next Missions forming for March


Warren McGuffin