The Youth Program at SRVUMC is a place where young people can explore, question and deepen their relationship with God and each other.  It’s a place where they find a place to belong and make deep, long-lasting friendships, and share God’s love for them by serving others.

Here’s what some of our youth say the youth program at SRVUMC means to them:

“To me, church means a safe place where I can come and feel loved and not judged.”

“This church is a place where I can learn about God through people I trust and care about.”

“This church means a lot to me. It has impacted me by teaching me about God and (has) brought me close to many people I consider my best friends.”

Contact Jamere Crawford to be added to the youth mailing list or for more information about Youth programming at SRVUMC. Contact Jamere.

 Youth Groups

  • Youth Group  (Grades 6-12), Wednesday evenings, 6-8 pm in Wesley Center which includes dinner
  • High School Youth Group, Sunday evenings, 4-5:30 pm in the Wesley Youth Room

Youth Sunday School

 Middle & High School Youth meet in the Wesley Youth Room, Sunday mornings at 9 am

  • 8th Grade Confirmation students meet in Wesley Room 204 after gathering in the Wesley Youth Room (runs from Oct. – May)

Service & Mission Opportunities

Being in service to others is a core component of who we are. Our youth have many opportunities to engage in service and transform the lives of those they serve, while transforming their own lives and gaining new perspective.

  • Sunday School Helpers (PALs) – Help each Sunday in Children’s Sunday School classrooms
  • Media Team – Help with AV at special events and worship services

Service at Fundraising Events, various times throughout the year – Youth have several opportunities throughout the year to raise money to fund their own Youth Accounts.  Proceeds from their Youth Account can be used to pay for trips or events they attend.  To earn this money, they may wait tables at the Crab feed, sell baked goods at the Harvest Faire or Christmas greenery, or help set up or clean up after the Rummage Sale.

Youth Social & Faith Development Events

Friendships and faith development doesn’t always happen at church.  It sneaks up on us when we least expect it when we’re in nature, driving to a destination, or spinning in a tea cup.