Refugee Family Update:

First of all, I want to say that support for our Refugee Families is a true testament to different churches working together for a common good.  Our task force is now made up of the United Methodist Circuit, The Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints of Danville and Antioch, St. Isidore and First Presbyterian Church of Livermore.  We have been very busy.

Sana, Shazia, and 5 little boys

Our current refugee family, father Sana, mother Shazia, and 5 little boys’ ages 2 ½ through 12 are successfully settled in a home in Antioch.  As you may recall, they are from Afghanistan and left Afghanistan under threat of ISIS.  4 of the boys are enrolled in school, are thriving and very happy. Sana is currently working part-time jobs to support the family while Shazia is home with their 2 ½-year-old son Farhan. We currently have a team of people that go to Antioch each weekday to teach Shazia English and to also spend time with the boys after school. Through the monies our churches have raised we have assisted with Sana and Shazia rent payment, the furnishing of their home, beautifying their yard, purchasing school supplies and uniforms for the boys, among many other things. Our group has also been very instrumental in finding Sana employment, teaching English, a van for the large family, assisting in managing family finances etc.

Nabi, Sanga & 7 children

While working with Sana we met Nabi, a friend of Sana who had sponsored Sana & his family in coming to the United States.  Nabi and his wife Sanga have 7 children.  Nabi was an interpreter for the U.S. military but left Afghanistan under threat of ISIS.  When they arrived in the U.S. 2 ½ years ago they did not receive the same type of support (emotional and financial) our churches provided to Sana & his family.  Nabi and his family fell into debt and were soon to be evicted from their apartment in Antioch. One of the members of our task force is a realtor and was able to secure Section 8 Housing in El Dorado Hills.  The family has successfully moved to El Dorado Hills and the kids are doing very well in school.  It’s through our task force who befriended Nabi & his family that they were able to find more affordable housing, in a much nicer neighborhood.  Additionally, our group was able to furnish their new apartment and move the family successfully to El Dorado Hills. One team members were able to intervene with Nabi finances and work out a strategy for paying off his debt.  Nabi is currently working part-time while our group works with his to find full-time employment.   In several weeks we will transition for support of Nabi and his family to a church in El Dorado Hills who has graciously offered to sponsor the family locally.

What’s next?

We will discontinue financial support of Sana & Shazia after December 2017 but will continue to act as tutors and friends.  We will revisit taking on another family at that time.

If you have questions or would like to join the task force please call, text or email Liz Bayat at 925-487-9693 or