2017 was a busy year and a very successful year with 6 missions providing Healthcare, Clean Water, Education, Engineering, Guesthouse maintenance and community support.

We were successful in our fundraising for Solar Ovens and are well underway to furnishing the tools for the bakery. There are needs for funding for Large Mixers, Propane Oven, refrigeration and various baking needs such as baking sheets, rollers, pots, pans and other baking hand tools.  We secured land for the bakery and a partner that will build the facilities.

I was blessed with being able to visit partners and churches in Pennsylvania and Virginia, California, and talk about our bakery plans and the work we are continuing to do with their support.

We are entering the end of our 7th year and head toward our eighth. I am excited about the bakery and the impact it will have on the community. I am thankful for your support and prayers for the Thomas Food Project. God Bless you.

Warren McGuffin

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