*Cue Electrical Parade Music*

(or Fantasia, or any other parade, really, pick your favorite)

Who: middle school and high school students

WhatA weekend in Disneyland complete with fun, fireworks, and evening devotion time

When: February 15-18

WhereWe’ll be staying at a church down in Anaheim that will act as a home base

Why: Well, why not?

How Much: $330/student; $215 of this covers the 2-day park hopper tickets, the additional $115 covers van rentals, gas, breakfasts/snacks, and lodging. If your youth has their own season pass and you do not need us to buy a ticket, you only need to pay the $115

Registration Deadline: The permission slip and money are both due to my office by the end of Saturday, January 26. I will be buying tickets on the 27th 

Chaperones: We are in need of at least 3 chaperones in addition to myself. This could be parents, relatives, or someone at the church who’s been hoping to get involved with the youth program but hasn’t known how!

If you would like to be a chaperone or if you know someone who might want to be, let me know!

Permission slip and info packets:

SRVUMC Universal Permission Slip

Disneyland Informational Packet

The permission slip/medical release form will be kept on file for all off-campus activities through the end of the school year. Please read through the information packet for the itinerary, packing list, and other details.

Still have questions? Feel free to email me at rbernstein@srvumc.org