I will be traveling to Haiti in March to cement relationships and agreements between all the Haiti  Bakery partners.

We were successful in our fundraising for Solar Ovens and are well underway to furnishing the tools for the bakery. There are needs for funding for Large Mixers, Propane Oven, refrigeration and various baking needs such as baking sheets, rollers, pots, pans and other baking hand tools.  We secured land for the bakery and a partner that will build the facilities.

The bakery is to be Haitian owned.

The partners in the project include:

The Thomas Food Project, James Lazarre , Ginette Ocean, Mr. Roosevelt the owner of the IMEC School and providing the land, JACO Transfer who will construct the bakery facilities and is our supplier for food in Haiti.  We are planning on a summer ground breaking and opening in Jan 2019. The bakery will feed students and generate income through Retail and Wholesale income.

There are many positive things happening in Haiti and our timing for the bakery is just right. Haiti is improving in infrastructure financed by Chinese investors.

Hilton now owns a nearby resort and Marriott has a new high-rise in Port Au Prince many more companies are building and improving the Infrastructure. It is a positive visual of improvement.

The Economy is improving and more businesses are opening up in our area. The bakery will be part of local community development and we are excited to be part of it. It will not only feed students but also have Retail and Wholesale income for self-sustainability. We welcome you to join us in Christian spirit and deeds. God Bless