The SRVUMC Kindness Korps has been practicing and extending concrete acts of kindness and care toward congregation members in their neighborhood groups. Now, it’s time to expand our circle of kindness by becoming a network of ‘kindness catalysts,” by offering acts of kindness to neighbors and to each person we encounter in our everyday lives. Read our Kindness Stories

Here’s what we are asking every member and friend of SRVUMC to do:

  • Be attentive to needs in your neighborhood, in the grocery store, at your school, at work, or on your sports team. Think about how you might offer to help, or brighten someone else’s day, or surprise someone with an act of extraordinary generosity
  • Involve your neighborhood group—get together to offer to someone else an act of kindness that may feel like too much for one person to do alone—meals once a week, or a yard clean-up, or helping to move something heavy
  • Share your story. Email acts of kindness to Your story will be posted on this website anonymously.