May Communion Offering

May Communion Offering

Wildfire Bucket Campaign

Sadly, devastating wildfires have become the new reality in California.  Each occurrence seemingly more destructive.  This May Communion Offering is an opportunity to help.

Our goal is to raise the money to fund and assemble 25 wildfire buckets to donate the California Nevada Annual Conference.  A bucket and the related tools costs about $110 each.

During a wildfire response, our Church Conference Early Response Team provides these buckets to families at the Local Assistance Center or when we go to assist the family at the site of their burned-out home. The buckets represent a caring Christian presence on behalf of our congregations, conference and denomination.

Last year, members of SRVUMC supplied buckets for two major fires in the Fall.  Your support was so appreciated.  

Why are we doing this?  The Conference is trying to stockpile enough wildfire buckets and other response supplies (like hygiene kits and UMCOR cleaning buckets) at strategic locations to be ready for the next major wildfire.  The last two years we have run out of supplies in our response.

What is a wildfire bucket?    It is the safety equipment and tools needed for a wildfire victim to access the remains of their home, most often to look for personal possessions that may have survived.  It includes the hazmat suit, masks, gloves and goggles to safely work in the hazardous ash and other toxic content of a burned-out home.  It also includes the trowel, rake, shovel and other supplies for searching a site. 

Assembling the buckets:  We will use the proceeds of this offering to purchase the bucket contents with a workday in early to mid-June in the church parking lot to assemble the buckets.  Stay tuned for the invitation to participate.