The mission of the SRVUMC Adult Council is to help the adult community of SRVUMC learn, grow in faith and deepen their spirituality by providing a vibrant and relevant adult programming curriculum consistent with SRVUMC’s mission and core values. The vision of the SRVUMC Adult Council is for every adult member to participate in at least one adult program every year. The Adult Council emphasizes the SRVUMC core values of inclusiveness and relevance for adults of all ages and all stages of each person’s spiritual journey without bias, expectations or assumptions.

Disciple StudyScripture has something to say directly to you.  Are you listening?  The small group Disciple Bible Studies guide you into Scripture, but don’t tell you what to take from Scripture.  That’s your job!  You “live” in Scripture and “listen” for how it speaks directly to you.


Disciple I (“Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study”): A foundational, disciplined, small group Bible study designed to connect us to Scripture.  Scripture draws each of us to explore who we are, our relationship with the Holy, and our relationships with each other and the world.  Its aim is transformation, not just information.  This acclaimed, ecumenical Bible study is active throughout The United Methodist Church and thirty-three other denominations.  It is for beginners and those seeking to be refreshed through Bible study.



@ 10:30am [Bill Rust]à Drop-In Disciple 1;


To join or for questions: Email Bill Rust