What: The SRVUMC Youth Ministry (aka, “Youth Group” or “YG”)  is an open and safe place for students to create new friendships, strengthen existing ones, network together, ask complex questions, and share insights on the issues that Middle and High School Students have swirling in their heads — all through the guidance and wisdom of the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Wh0: Sixth through twelfth graders from any school, anywhere, are welcome.  After dinner, the Youth Group Leadership breaks everyone into small-groups that help maximize communication, develop openness, encourage sharing, and cement trust between peers.

Middle School Youth Group Meeting Details

  • Who: Sixth through Eighth Grade
  • When: Every Wednesday Night from 6 PM until 8 PM.
  • Where: Wesley Center — Great Hall or Youth Room
  • What: Dinner then Small Groups

High School Youth Group Meeting Details

  • Who: Sixth through Eight Grade
  • When: Every Sunday Night from 5 PM to 7P
  • Where: Wesley Center — Great Hall or Youth Room
  • What: Dinner then Small Groups

Contact Jamere Crawford to be added to the youth mailing list or for more information about Youth programming at SRVUMC.

Youth Ministry News and Events

Afternoons at the ARC!

Gym Games and Homework Help! Meet for one hour in the gym for games like dodgeball, volleyball, foursquare and more. Then meet for one more hour of homework help with volunteers to assist. Healthy snacks provided. Who: Open to any and all third through eighth graders. Days: Both Mondays and Wednesdays. Time: 3:00-5:00P Duration: 9/10/18 […]

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Service & Mission Opportunities

Being in service to others is a core component of who we are. Our youth have many opportunities to engage in service and transform the lives of those they serve, while transforming their own lives and gaining new perspective.

  • Sunday School Helpers (PALs) – Help each Sunday in Children’s Sunday School classrooms
  • Media Team – Help with AV at special events and worship services

Service at Fundraising Events, various times throughout the year – Youth have several opportunities throughout the year to raise money to fund their own Youth Accounts.  Proceeds from their Youth Account can be used to pay for trips or events they attend.  To earn this money, they may wait tables at the Crab feed, sell baked goods at the Harvest Faire or Christmas greenery, or help set up or clean up after the Rummage Sale.