Sol Cuenco

Sol Cuenco

Sol is the eldest of eight children. She was born and raised in southern Philippines. She
migrated to the US in 1979 and has since lived in Concord. She and her husband,
Ramon, are blessed with four children, all adults now.

Their eldest daughter, Yvette, is now a school counselor based in Abu Dhabi, but will be
returning to the US in June this year. Yvette’s constant companion in her international
travels is her dog, Milo. Yvette’s had Milo before she and her husband, were married.
Joan Claire, their second daughter, is a program director and tutor for a tutoring service
company based here in Alamo. Ramon Paul (RP), their only son, is an IT engineer for a
start-up company in San Francisco. RP and his fiancée have a three-month old puppy
named Goose. Isabella Marie, the youngest, is a registered nurse and works at a hospital
in Fremont.

Prior to coming to the US, Sol worked as executive secretary at the Folk Arts Theater
(FAT) of the Philippines, which was one of the projects of the then first lady of the
Philippines. While at FAT, Sol worked closely with the artistic directors in various theater
productions, state visits and other projects.

Sol has worked in both private and nonprofit sectors. She was parish secretary and
office manager for eight years at St. Bonaventure Catholic Church in Concord. Prior to
coming to San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church, Sol was office manager for the
Clarion Hotel in Concord. While at the Clarion, Sol established and managed both
payroll and HR departments and worked with four department heads in managing 90

Sol finds fulfillment in various community outreach projects. Her most recent project is
building a community center which will house a library and a health center in her mom’s
hometown in rural Philippines.

Sol loves to sing and play a little bit of guitar (she says she needs practice). Sol first
experienced the beauty of music through her mom who comes from a family of
musicians and singers. Her mother, Siony, sang beautifully. Siony’s six brothers all played
instruments, while she and her four sisters sang harmony. All were self-taught. Sol’s son
RP, is a self-trained musician as well.

So, how did Sol land at SRVUMC in Alamo? Divine Intervention!

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