Dear San Ramon Valley United Methodist Church Community,

How will we navigate the shelter-in-place directive?  Those are questions we will have to answer every day, and more than once a day.  We will decide how we live our faith in this unprecedented time.

My go-to prayer when I am anxious or overwhelmed is from Meister Eckhart:  “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”

We can choose to practice the prayer of thank-you: noticing kindness, beauty, grace, humor, goodness. It’s a powerful prayer, a prayer that transforms us.

I invite you to practice saying ‘thank-you’ in the midst of this challenging time, and then email or text me with what you are thankful for today.  I will compile your responses, and share with our community.  (  We will walk this journey together, with the awareness that God-is-with-us and within us.

We ask that you adhere to the shelter in place directive.  Only venture out for necessary items. Stay in touch by calling and reaching out to neighbors, colleagues, and church friends. 

Our church staff will be reaching out to you, to check in with you and ask if you need anything.  Feel free to call and leave us a message:  925/837-5243.

Our church campus is now closed.  The doors are locked, and alarms are on.   Our staff will be working from home, and we will continue to pay salaries.

Every few days, you’ll be hearing from us.  We will let you know how we will get you this week’s worship service.  All recent sermons are on our website,, and on Facebook.

As we pray for our world, I would also ask for prayers for Johnny Johnston’s family.  Johnny was a long time member and so loved! Johnny passed on peacefully on Sunday.  What a blessing he will always be in our lives.   Once we are well passed this pandemic, we will plan a service, celebrating his life.

We continue to pay our bills and meet payroll, and ask that you continue to send your financial donations to our church.  Thank you!

In my next communication, I’ll be sharing ways to stay physically active during this time.  Send me your favorite at-home workout, exercise app, gentle stretch routine, etc., and we’ll share best practices.

During times of crises, God’s people are often at their best.  God’s people may be used to meeting in a building, but the church is not limited to a geographic location. We carry the awareness of God with us, always. We can practice the presence of God, wherever we are. We will get through this, and God will be with us each step of the way.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Kim Risedorph