UMCOR Thank You Letter

UMCOR Thank You Letter

Dear Church,
On behalf of the California-Nevada Conference Disaster Response Ministry, thank you for your church’s donations to UMCOR in 2022. We are grateful for the support of UMCOR’s domestic and international disaster response and recovery.

Last year was so challenging. Among the many disasters around the world, UMCOR
responded to major needs in Tonga, Haiti, and the Ukraine. In the United States, aid
went to help in Florida for Hurricane Ian, flooding and tornadoes in the South and to
wildfires in the Western states.

Here in California, an UMCOR grant for the 2017 wildfires funded survivor recovery
assistance for several years. UMCOR is a continuing partner for 2023, matching our
Conference funds, towards the ongoing recovery from the 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise.
And lastly, UMCOR grants are supplementing Conference monies for survivor
assistance for the 2021 Caldor and Dixie Fires.

We are appreciative of UMCOR monies in that they extend the generous donations
from our churches to the Conference Disaster Response Fund. For more information about UMCOR go to the UMCOR website at For more about our Conference Disaster Response Ministry, visit the Disaster Response Section of our Conference website,

In Mission Together,

Steve Elliott

Disaster Response and UMVIM Coordinator
California-Nevada Conference