In recognition that everything we possess is a gift from God, we offer back a small portion to the work of the church in the hope that it fulfills Christ’s direction for us to feed the hungry, care for the sick, clothe those who are cold and welcome in the stranger. Jesus’ simple reminder for us is this: Wherever you place your treasure, so too is your heart!

Support SRVUMC

If you’d like to support SRVUMC by making an online donation, please click here.  Contact Katrina Combs, Office Manager, if you need additional assistance.

Support Haiti Missions

If you’d like to support those in need in Haiti by making an online donation, please click here and select “Thomas Food Project Haiti”.

Endowment Giving

This Endowment Giving Program has provided scores of members a means of sustainable financial support for the church in general or a specific ministry in which they may be particularly interested. Over the years, the Endowment Committee have been good stewards of your money. The value of “the fund” has increased over 25% in 2009.

If you wish to donate a car to our Endowment Fund, please call 866-392-4483 or email  We are working with a new organization, so discard any previous numbers you may regarding auto donations.

Support Local & Global Missions

Visit our Local Missions or Global Missions pages to learn how you can financially support these vital partner organizations.