You(th) Belong

You(th) Belong

You(th) Belong is an inclusive youth group for all middle and high school students to create a community with one another where they have space to have fun, serve each other and their community, and tackle the complex questions that life throws at them.

Each time we meet, we start with a meal together. We’ll play games or do an art activity, and then using the teachings of Jesus Christ or other contemporary thinkers we will dive into our studies. Our current series is themed Madlibs!

We all know how Madlib stories are hilarious and wacky when we try to fill in words without knowing the whole story. It leads to crazy sentences like “I’m having a hairy time at camp” or “Then she pickled the car as fast as she could.” Sometimes these sentences are funny, but sometimes they can make a story incomprehensible. Often we play Madlibs with details about other people, whether it be through gossip, stereotyping or hearsay. This doesn’t always end up bad, but sometimes when we try to Madlib the details of other people’s lives, we keep ourselves from ever getting to know the real story. 

I invite your youth to join me, and with the help of authors Brené Brown and Dee Williams, these next six weeks will be good practice to be more conscious of the storytelling we do in our minds and with our mouths.


Youth Group teaches church member a new trick.

Middle & High School You(th)

  • Sunday, 7-8:30
  • Zoom ID: 229-879-166
  • Zoom Password: YOUTH

Wednesday Night Bible Study

  • All middle and high school students
  • 7-8:30pm
  • Zoom ID: 810-754-064
  • Zoom Password: YOUTH

More About Bible Study

During Wednesday night Bible Study, we’ll look at stories where people chose one word to describe someone (sinner, unclean, outcast…) but Jesus came along and chose another (loved, forgiven, worthy…).

How do the adjectives we use to describe others keep us disconnected from them? From God? These are just a couple of the questions we’ll be discussing.

Service & Mission Opportunities

Being in service to others is a core component of who we are. Our youth have many opportunities to engage in service and transform the lives of those they serve, while transforming their own lives and gaining new perspective. Youth are also invited to participate in the Youth Music Program.

Contact Rebecca Bernstein to be added to the youth mailing list or for more information about Youth programming at SRVUMC.