New Members

New Members

Take Your First Step
Take Your First Step on the Trail

Welcome to our faith community! We’re glad you’ve joined us on The Trail.

Welcome to the Trail!

Watch the video below to start your journey towards learning, living, and loving like Jesus!

You’re Invited to Brunch!

We would love to invite you to a New Membership Discovery class which will be lead by Pastor Kim Reisdorph and Kathleen Saghafi. Part of the process is a gift to you, a catered brunch in our church courtyard (the square to the left of the main sanctuary) with no obligation to join. We will come together to share stories and get to know one another, answer questions, and just enjoy some hospitality. In order to pick a time for the brunch, please let us know all of your availability by clicking here.

Check out our virtual New Membership Class below to find out everything you need to know about being a new member here! Got questions about what it means to be a new member? Contact Pastor Mantu.

After you have watched the “Take the First Step” video above, take a look at the new membership vows in more detail here. 

Here’s a brief welcome video from our Director of Family Ministries, Laura Roy.  Find out more about our Children’s Ministry here.